Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 27

Just saw the trailer for the Judge Dredd Reboot and I could help but think, why do Dredd look so skinny?

Aug 25

G.U.N Issue two:page seven

Gun _Ink_Pg_07

Gun gets the full scoop of his assignment  from AG-1.On this Saturdays webisode of G.U.N (From Prey to Predator).

Aug 20

Just did a new cover for Ant Hill Issue 7

virus concept art 01

Just did a new Cover for Ant Hill Issue 7. I ‘ll ink it with a new pen which I ‘ll pick up from the art store tommorow.

Aug 19

Now I don’t know if I’m late, but I just saw this online is anyone else now seeing this for the first time too?

Aug 18

G.U.N Issue two:page six

Gun _Ink_Pg_06

Gun is now suited up and is ready for his first assignment. As the new and improved Gun.

Aug 16

Just saw this really cool Trailer for a video game called The last of us. Let me know what you guys think of it.

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