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Sep 30

Like the Starr Skills Studio fan page on

Starrskills Studios comics promo

                                                      If you are a fan of Nigel Carrington’s art and his creations Ant-Hill and Gun that are both under the Starr Skills Studios book publishing umbrella. Go to …

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Sep 29

G.U.N Issue two:pages twelve and thirteen

Gun _Ink_Pg_12 and 13

After Dr.Rosenberg’s security guards attacks Michael. He transforms into Gun and wipes out any possible threat. On this Saturday’s webisode of Gun ( from Prey to Predator ).

Sep 24

Nigel Carrington will be premiering G.U.N issue two comic books @ Buff Con 2012.


                                                                            Come out and show your support it will be a lot of fun…Nuff said    

Sep 23

Gun Issue two and Nigel Carrington at Roc Con

Me and Alue the white wolf

Nigel Carrington table at Roc Con 2012.     Nigel Carrington hanging out with Alue the White Wolf from Yugi Yu-Gi-Oh anime series at Roc Con 2012.   I just want to thank every one for their love and support Roc Con 2012 was excellent and rewarding and I couldn’t have done it with out …

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Sep 23

Just saw the trailer for D.C Injustice game which I thought look really cool what do you guys think of it?

Sep 23

G.U.N Issue two:page eleven

Gun _Ink_Pg_11

Michael is in rage after his memories turns into a nightmare and transforms into Gun.On this webisode of G.U.N from Prey to Predator.

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