Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 27

Iron Man 3 trailer

Oct 27

G.U.N Issue two:page eighteen

Gun _Ink_Pg_18

After stopping the get away car,Gun heads for the target and is stunned at what the target is.On this Saturdays webisode of G.U.N ( From Prey to Predator).

Oct 21

Iron man 3 teaser, looks like a good movie so far.

Oct 20

G.U.N Issue two:page sixteen & seventeen

Gun _Ink_Pg_16 and 17

CRASH!! Dr. Rosenberg car crashes into Gun as he stops him from getting away.On this Saturdays webisode of GUN issue 2 (from Prey to Predator).

Oct 13

Just saw the trailer for the Lone Ranger, let me know what you guys think of it.

Oct 13

G.U.N Issue two:page fifteen

Gun _Ink_Pg_15

Gun’s┬ámolecular structure breaks apart into nano-bots and reforms in front of the get away vehicle as he attempts to stop the target from getting away. On this Saturdays webisode of Gun issue 2 ( From Prey to Predator).

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