May 05

Get Black-Man White-Man Today!


One of the most controversial comic stories of this year, BLACK MAN WHITE MAN is an edgy murder mystery set in today’s racially explosive world in which a black police detective pursues a white serial killer. Both are obsessed and driven to kill the other. Both are conflicted by their prejudices against each other. And with each murder, the clues left behind point to the black detective as the killer. To prove his innocence he must uncover the hidden truths of his past as he looks into his soul to face the demons within.

BLACK MAN WHITE MAN will keep you involved and guessing who the “real” killer is. Written with a series of shocking and unforeseen twists by former Kodak TV Writer and Producer Joe Janowicz, and Illustrated by popular Comic Book Creator Nigel Carrington and his production team from Starr Skills Studio, BLACK MAN WHITE MAN will become a social media buzz as well as a comic fan favorite challenging the reader to answer the question, “What is the fine line between good and evil?” Or are they both one and the same?

30 pages in full “bloody” color, this comic is intended for Mature Readers Only. Available for purchase both on this website and in comic and book stores by June 2017…or click here to pre-order it today.


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