Nov 26

Ananci the next title to be release by Starr Skills Comics is located in Rochester, NY and Trinidad, W.I.

the-ananci-book-cover-01-whitout-headerEnter the mind of young Keith Evers. A native from the island of Trinidad who has a other world in his mind called the Wild Side, which often times blends with his reality. In this other world, Keith is known as the Ananci a African mythology spider-god that battles the creatures of the Forrest, a character he read about as a child. Because he has the difficulty separating the two worlds, he was awarded professional overseas help by the Trinidad government but is caught between the the dilemma of whether or not he should trust this unknown help. So he is force to seek help else where through unlikely sources. Will Keith get help for his condition or will he just has to except his inevitable torturous mental state. Find out the answers in Nigel Carrington’s latest comic book contribution The Ananci sent to be release in early 2018.

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