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Nigel Carrington

                Nigel Carrington is a self-taught Trinidadian writer and artist currently residing in Rochester, NY.  Nigel has been spinning tales since he was seven years old, fueled by the work of artists like Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo and countless hours of 

Sci Fi and Japanese Anime movies he created the Starr Skills Studios Universe which comprise of Ant hill, G.U.N and The Ananci.

                Nigel came to the United States in the year 2001 with a strong desire to become a Comic Book Artist. Being that this is “the land of opportunity” he decided to make one for himself by presenting his work to the offices of Marvel Comics in Manhattan  NY . He met with one of Marvel’s Editors and was given test assignments which included Spider -man, Dare Devil and The Hulk. The Editor was impressed by his work and it gave Nigel an increase in confidence, but nonetheless Nigel had to maintain a more steadier income aside from free lance . In the following  years of working a regular job he returned to his true passion, doing so by giving life to the characters he created as a child and the rest is  history in the making.  

                 Nigel worked on a back-up story for the Terror of the Midnight Robber #2 when he lived in his home country of Trinidad and has self published other works including Truth Amongst the Bones, Ananci, G.U.N., and the Ant Hill series. You can see Nigel’s work and

get more information on his upcoming projects by staying posted on this web site:










Victor Nelson

Writer on Ant Hill issue 6 and 13 Bio

Victor Nelson was born and raised in Rochester NY where he fell in love with comics at the age of 16. His first comic book was Teen Titans #6, written at the time by Geoff Johns. He read tons of comics and some of his favorite characters include: Wolverine, Robin, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man…etc (That list can go on for days) Victor worked with Nigel on Ant Hill issue 6 in the past, now however he’s been made the lead writer on the book and can’t be more excited about that!







Comic Books and Character Bios



Ant Hill


Ant Hill

Ant 78/Fhoalan Beckles

      The Story surrounds a young man named Fhoalan Beckles. Who thought for the majority of his life his only responsibility was to raise his younger brother after witnessing the death of his Mother at a young age. Until it was revealed to him by Bio Synth Labs that his real name was Ant 78 and he is a U.S Government/ Bio Synth Labs experiment that was cloned and created to host a Ant Bio-Armour suit to lead his duplicates in a war against a Alien Invasion under Project Ant Hill.








Ant Hill Main Cast Bios



Ant 78/ Fhoalan Beckles:
Once thought to simply be a kid raising his younger brother after witnessing the death of his mother, until it was revealed that he is actually a U.S. Government/ Bio Synth lab experiment. Ant 78 was cloned and created to host an Ant Bio-Armor suit to lead his duplicates in a war against an alien invasion under Project Ant Hill.

Kevin Beckles:
Fhoalan’s younger brother and who Fhoalan believes to be his only surviving family member. Kevin is kidnapped and used as bait to lure in Ant 78 to get him ready for war.

Dr. Oliver:
The lead scientist that is responsible for the majority of experiments that comes out of Bio Synth labs and Project Ant Hill, including Ant 78. He is also one of the master minds behind the manipulation of Ant 78’s forced training.

Director Vince Grainger:
Head of the U.S. government’s Bio Synth labs and essentially the most powerful man alive. We was also the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Grainger commands Project Ant Hill and Bio Synth labs in the Hill Space Station.

Robert Scott and Jennifer Beckles:
Lead biologists for Bio Synth labs and who Fhoalan thought were his real parents. They were both killed when Fhoalan was a child, so he only has some vague memories of them.

Agent Stryker/Daniel Griffin:
The U.S. government’s best operative and Bio Synth’s most decorated agent, in charge of the lab’s secondary agents. Stryker takes care of anyone who opposes Bio Synth labs and Project Ant Hill, which includes the assassination of global leaders that retained additional information.

Agent Claws/Gulliver Bugs:
Once outranking Agent Stryker, Bugs is a retired Bio Synth agent who lives on the outskirts of Windsor City in a desolate wasteland called “the graves”—a dumping ground for Bio Synth’s reject experiments. Bugs lives with his daughter, Kerry and is extremely protective of her. He has old fashioned values…

Kerry Bugs:
The young daughter of Gulliver Bugs. She is a spoiled, carefree daddy’s girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, especially when it comes to boys. Kerry has powers but is unsure how she got them or where they come from.

Agent Canon:
Canon was once homeless and lived on the streets until meeting Vince Grainger. Grainger provides Canon with the necessary training to become a Bio Synth agent. Canon helps with minor duties in the lab.

After being bitten by a reject ant clone, Ant 78 transforms into this monster. His abilities include a heightened sense of smell, the ability to tunnel through the ground, and spraying fire ants out of his figure types.

Agent G.U.N. (Prototype 116):
A military assassin who was killed on an assignment. His body became the property of Bio Synth and Doctor Oliver experimented on him, turning G.U.N. into one if his “Genetically Upgraded Nano-Beings”—a technology he is trying to create that will help repair and rebuild the human tissue using nanobots and Celestine technology.

Cell and The Eater Unit:
A Russian military pilot. His special suit gives him the ability to disguise himself as a motorcycle. Like a battery, he powers a robot called Eater Unit created by a Russian scientist.

The Acrididae:
A hostile alien race active in war and colonizing weaker planets. They destroyed the Celestine planet, Celestron, because the Celestines sided with Earth. After destroying Celestron the Acrididae shifted their attention to destroying Earth.

The Celstines:
Bug like, fire covered aliens from planet Celestron. Celestines are peaceful aliens who believe in space exploration. Their planet was destroyed by the Acrididae and now aide Earth in the battle against their enemy.


G.U.N ( Prototype 117 )



G.U.N/ Michael Val

The Story surrounds a man named Michael Val. Who was gunned down in his old neighborhood after living his life as a street thug and struggling musician . He was brought back to life by Bio Synth labs Dr.Mikal Oliver as a G.U.N (Genetically Upgraded Nano Being) and his abilities are being tested to make sure he is ready for what ever future plans the Dr.Oliver have for him.










Truth Amongst The Bones

Agent Claws / Gulliver Bugs


Introducing Gulliver Bugs/Agent Claws who is a retired agent of Bio Synth Labs, who  also resides with his twenty year old daughter Kerry on the outskirts of Windsor City in a desolate wasteland called The Graves; a dumping ground for Bio Synth Labs reject experiments. Agent Claws’ super zealous ways are not only present in his parenting, but also in his vigilante attempts to keep his home clear of Bio Synth Labs’ roaming vermin.












Ananci / Jody Ramiah


The Anansy is a traditional African folk-lore about a spider that tricks the animals in the forest to get his way. Ananci is about a Trinidadian drug lord name Jody Ramiah that was set up by his lawyer Larry Ramdean and sentenced to death for the evil things he did in the past. Ramdean then gives him a deal he could not refuse; A chance to live if he signed up to be experimented upon. After he was experimented upon and pronounced Ananci, he discovers he can astro project his thoughts through a police officer who’s life he once saved. So he communicates with her hoping one day she can tell the world the true story about his injustice.




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