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Jun 10

Marvel’s Black Panther teaser trailer

May 05

Pre-Order Black-Man White-Man Today!


One of the most controversial comic stories of this year, BLACK MAN WHITE MAN is an edgy murder mystery set in today‚Äôs racially explosive world in which a black police detective pursues a white serial killer. Both are obsessed and driven to kill the other. Both are conflicted by their prejudices against each other. And …

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Jan 02

2017 is the year of Hair a new comic book by Nigel Carrington


2017 is the year of Hair a new comic book created by Nigel Carrington and written by comic book creator Kevin Chapman (Afro Avenger). The book also feature pin up art by Jeff Batista and Kevin Chapman, with colors by Jesse Heagy and Memo Regaldo, the 6 page comic book is available here on …

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Aug 10

The Guardian issue three is out now!!

Cover -The Guardians #3

The Guardians issue three is out now click here to buy it now!!

Jun 23

Nigel Carrington’s Art is Art : The Super Hero Tape

01.The art of Nigel Carrington cover

Should Nigel Carrington become a rapper? Order his new mix tape and be the judge here is one of the tracks off the tape. It’s called Speak the Truth and it features Nigel as Powa and Tarboy.. Not to bad for a Comic Book artist so get it now, by clicking here!   Save   …

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Jan 16

The Guardians issue two is out now !!


The Guardians Issue 2 out now!! check it out :-): click here  

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