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Dec 25

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us


Starr Skills Comics want to wish all our fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year we hope you enjoy your holidays with the greatest gifts of all : Love, Peace and Happiness. Make sure and look out for all the new comic books we have on our roster for next year 2018.

Nov 26

Ananci the next title to be release by Starr Skills Comics is located in Rochester, NY and Trinidad, W.I.


Enter the mind of young Keith Evers. A native from the island of Trinidad who has a other world in his mind called the Wild Side, which often times blends with his reality. In this other world, Keith is known as the Ananci a African mythology spider-god that battles the creatures of the Forrest, a …

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Oct 13

Welcome to Starr Skills Comics for Charity

Starr Skill Universe-puzzle-design

Starr Skills Comics/ Starr Skills Studios was created by Nigel Carrington, a professional Comic Book Artist and Illustrator, who moved from the Island of Trinidad to America to follow his dream of creating comics books. Having a passion to draw and give back to the community at large, Nigel created each book with the intention …

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Oct 13

Get Ant Hill issue 16 today!


ANT HILL CONTINUES: See Gun, Kerry, A.G – one, Agent Claws and The Zone fight Queens Maulishants army to take back Windsor City from her rule. Will they all survive this battle? Also, see what really happen to Fhoalan after he left Earth. All in this current issue of Ant Hill so click here to …

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Jun 10

Avengers: Infinty War Trailer

May 05

Get Black-Man White-Man Today!


One of the most controversial comic stories of this year, BLACK MAN WHITE MAN is an edgy murder mystery set in today‚Äôs racially explosive world in which a black police detective pursues a white serial killer. Both are obsessed and driven to kill the other. Both are conflicted by their prejudices against each other. And …

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