Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us

StarrSkillsChristmasStarr Skills Comics want to wish all our fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year we hope you enjoy your holidays with the greatest gifts of all : Love, Peace and Happiness. Make sure and look out for all the new comic books we have on our roster for next year 2018.

Ananci the next title to be release by Starr Skills Comics is located in Rochester, NY and Trinidad, W.I.

the-ananci-book-cover-01-whitout-headerEnter the mind of young Keith Evers. A native from the island of Trinidad who has a other world in his mind called the Wild Side, which often times blends with his reality. In this other world, Keith is known as the Ananci a African mythology spider-god that battles the creatures of the Forrest, a character he read about as a child. Because he has the difficulty separating the two worlds, he was awarded professional overseas help by the Trinidad government but is caught between the the dilemma of whether or not he should trust this unknown help. So he is force to seek help else where through unlikely sources. Will Keith get help for his condition or will he just has to except his inevitable torturous mental state. Find out the answers in Nigel Carrington’s latest comic book contribution The Ananci sent to be release in early 2018.

Welcome to Starr Skills Comics for Charity

Starr Skill Universe-puzzle-design

Starr Skills Comics/ Starr Skills Studios was created by Nigel Carrington, a professional Comic Book Artist and Illustrator, who moved from the Island of Trinidad to America to follow his dream of creating comics books. Having a passion to draw and give back to the community at large, Nigel created each book with the intention of raising money for different charitable organizations. ( You can view a list of the comic books that help give back to charities from a portion of the sales below)

                             After years of creating comic books on his own, Nigel now has an assembled team of other writers, artists, inkers, colorists, and letterers. Starr Skills  has  produced several independent comic books, including fan favorites, GUN, ANT HILL, The GUARDIANS, The YIN YANG GANG, BLACK-MAN WHITE-MAN, ANANCI and HAIR all of which was illustrated by creator Nigel Carrington and his team.

                                           Base out of Rochester, New York, Starr Skills  is a creator owned company that has, and will continue to publish entertaining, unique and interesting titles for comic fans of all ages that will keep the readers returning to the retailers for more. So join the ever growing fan base and purchase a comic book today.









Get Ant Hill issue 16 today!

Ant_Hill_Issue_16_cover-BANT HILL CONTINUES: See Gun, Kerry, A.G – one, Agent Claws and The Zone fight Queens Maulishants army to take back Windsor City from her rule. Will they all survive this battle? Also, see what really happen to Fhoalan after he left Earth. All in this current issue of Ant Hill so click here to purchase.

Get Black-Man White-Man Today!


One of the most controversial comic stories of this year, BLACK MAN WHITE MAN is an edgy murder mystery set in today’s racially explosive world in which a black police detective pursues a white serial killer. Both are obsessed and driven to kill the other. Both are conflicted by their prejudices against each other. And with each murder, the clues left behind point to the black detective as the killer. To prove his innocence he must uncover the hidden truths of his past as he looks into his soul to face the demons within.

BLACK MAN WHITE MAN will keep you involved and guessing who the “real” killer is. Written with a series of shocking and unforeseen twists by former Kodak TV Writer and Producer Joe Janowicz, and Illustrated by popular Comic Book Creator Nigel Carrington and his production team from Starr Skills Studio, BLACK MAN WHITE MAN will become a social media buzz as well as a comic fan favorite challenging the reader to answer the question, “What is the fine line between good and evil?” Or are they both one and the same?

30 pages in full “bloody” color, this comic is intended for Mature Readers Only. Available for purchase both on this website and in comic and book stores by June 2017…or click here to pre-order it today.


Jan 02

2017 is the year of Hair a new comic book by Nigel Carrington

pg08_092017 is the year of Hair a new comic book created by Nigel Carrington and written by comic book creator Kevin Chapman (Afro Avenger). The book also feature pin up art by Jeff Batista and Kevin Chapman, with colors by Jesse Heagy and Memo Regaldo, the 6 page comic book is available here on So be sure to get Nigel’s latest comic book here:

Aug 10

The Guardian issue three is out now!!

Cover -The Guardians #3The Guardians issue three is out now click here to buy it now!!

Jun 23

Nigel Carrington’s Art is Art : The Super Hero Tape

01.The art of Nigel Carrington cover

Should Nigel Carrington become a rapper? Order his new mix tape and be the judge here is one of the tracks off the tape. It’s called Speak the Truth and it features Nigel as Powa and Tarboy.. Not to bad for a Comic Book artist :-) so get it now, by clicking here!






Jan 16

The Guardians issue two is out now !!


The Guardians Issue 2 out now!! check it out :-): click here


Dec 10

30 of the best movies for 2017

Dec 09

Justice League Trailer

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