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Ant Hill Issue 01 ($3.99) :

Fhoalan Beckles thought for the majority of his life, his only responsibility was to raise his younger brother after witnessing the death of his Mother at a young age. Until it was revealed to him by Bio Synth Labs that his real name was Ant 78 and he is a U.S Government/ Bio Synth Labs experiment that was cloned and created to host a Ant Bio-Armour suit .










Ant Hill Issue 02 ($3.99) :

After Fhoalan Beckles discovers his new identity as Bio Synth Lab’s Ant 78. He is assigned to get trained by one of their the most brutal Drill Sergeants ” THE CELL”. Do Fhoalan got what it takes to a Ant Soldier General?








Ant Hill Issue 03 ($3.99) :

Fhoalan meets Agent Claws and his daughter Kerry. More of Bio Synth labs plans for his future is revealed to him by Claws. Fhoalan, Claws and Kerry also have to fight for they’re lives. As Bio Synth Labs Unleash their mysterious unwanted guest.













Ant Hill Issue 04 ($3.99) :

Fhoalan heads back to the lab that created him with Kerry to get his life back. He also find out more stuff surround his new identity and suffer unpredictable certainty to the hands of Bio Synth Labs.












Ant Hill Issue 05 ($3.99) :


Fhoalan meets G.U.N (Genictically Upgraded Nano-being) as he is force to train/fight for his life. Fhoalan under goes a change that will further destroy his life and Bio Synth Labs for a long time to come.












Ant Hill Issue 06 ($3.99) :


Fhoalan Beckles/ Ant-78 becomes a mysterious creature and gives Bio Synth Labs a beating they will never forget. As he ends the first story arc.













Ant Hill Issue 07 ($3.99) :


Go deeper into a Governments secret scandal and uncover the true meaning of Ant Hill.Witness a new breath of Evil emerge out of the darkness, as the story of Ant Hill unfolds







Ant Hill Issue 08 ($3.99) :


The birth of a new breath of Evil emerge out of the darkness, as the story of Ant Hill unfolds with a new villain of pandemic proportions which changes the world of Ant Hill forever…introducing The Virus!!.









Ant Hill Issue 09 ($3.99) :

Ant 78 has taken on the mantle of General as he leads Bloody Redd, Nuclear, Splash and Kross-Bow, four incredible super heroes introduced into the world of Ant Hill. Get ready to fight on behalf of the Earth. Don’t miss the debut of an invincible super powered team…The Invincible Earth Defenders!









Ant Hill Issue 10 ($3.99) :


As General ant 78 and The Invincible Earth Defenders fight for our planet against the Acrididae invasion. The story wines down into the biggest twist the Ant Hill universe will ever undergo.












Ant Hill Issue 11 ($3.99) :

Ant Hill Issue 11poster

As the story takes the biggest twist ever and the war continues.Fhoalan/General-Ant 78 finds out the truth that Bio Synth Labs never told him. As he fights his greatest battle thus far…his self. Available Now !!










Ant Hill Issue 12 ($3.99) :

Ant Hill Issue 12 Cover

The conclusion to all the open story plots and The most dramatic twist that changes Ant 78’s life forever.


Available Now !!







Ant Hill Issue 13 ($3.99) :


Nigel Carrington’s Cover










Sal Otero’s Cover












Paulos Kiziridis’s Cover















C.B Zane’s Cover

















Eugene Commodore’s Cover





The story of Ant Hill continues as Kerry tries to fill the shoes of a absent Fhoalan. After Fhoalan left Earth to seek more answers for his existents he left behind a lot of loose ends. Which Queen Maulishant weaved into her doomsday plan.

Available now! on








Ant Hill Issue 13 blank cover ($4.99):


Ant Hill Issue 13 Blank Cover














Ant Hill Issue 14 ($4.99) :


The story of Ant Hill continues with a new direction : Victor Nelson writing combine with Nigel Carrington’s new Japanese Manga art style make this issue the best issue thus far… This issue also has a extra comic book with it, featuring art from the very talent C.B Zane in a brand new title called SURGE!.

Available now! on




Surge Issue #1 (come with Ant Hill issue 14)

















Ant Hill Issue#15: 29th July 2015

Ant Hill issue 15_cover_Color

The story on Ant Hill continues as the past of Kerry the new ant on the block and her dad Agent Claws is being exploded. With art and story by creator Nigel Carrington. This issue also has a extra comic book with it, featuring more art by Nigel Carrington in a brand new title called The Yin Yang Gang!.








Yin Yang Gang #1 (come with Ant Hill issue 15)


















Ant Hill Issue 16 2016

Ant_Hill_Issue_16_cover B


Gun, Kerry, A.G – one, Agent Claws and The Zone fight Queens Maulishants army to take back Windsor City from her rule. Will they all survive this battle? Also, see what really happen to Fhoalan after he left Earth. All in this current issue of Ant Hill.





Ant Hill Issue 17 Dec. 2015

Ant Hill issue 17 cover atennas













Ant Hill Issue 18 Mar. 2016











Ant Hill The Anthology Vol 1 ( Issue 1 to 6 ) $ 0.99 :

NOTICE–This file is 612 MB–and you need a Drop Box account to view the book.


Join young average Fhoalan Beckles as he  is dragged into a Secret Government scandal….by Bio Synth Labs a division of the Government That creates Bio-technology for wars. A surprise fusing of Fhoalan’s body with  a unearthly Ant bio-armour suit turning him into Ant-78 leaves Fhoalan with many unanswered questions.Now with no training whatsoever, Fhoalan is forced to fight to learn the truth – or die at the mighty hands of the  Bio Synth Labs.Deluxe edition issues 1 to 12 coming soon.



Ant Hill The Anthology Vol 2 ( Issue 7 to 12 ) $ 0.99 :

NOTICE–This file is 513 MB–and you need a Drop Box account to view the book.



The Secret Governmental scandal gets more deeper and darker as Fhoalan Beckles uncovers the real truth behind Bio Synth Labs and finds out the world as he knows it is all built on lies. Fhoalan gets ready for a war against Project Anthill and the Earth’s biggest threat the Acrididae… but he questions him self. Should he continue to fight for the lies created for him to be leave? or fight to create is own truth?  Deluxe edition issues 1 to 12 coming soon.

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